Cloud Based

Lower International Call Costs

A call over our Cloud based system is much less expensive than traditional phone lines. This is because the call is sent over the internet and only then initiated in the country of the receiver. This means all such calls are charged at local rates.

Only One Broadband Connection

Our Cloud based systems use the internet to handle your calls rather than traditional phone lines. This frees up valuable resources and time traditionally spent on managing multiple connections.

Hardware in the Cloud

Why spend valuable capital on the traditional equipment required for a PBX system when the hardware already exists in the Cloud?

Use Mobiles with just one App

With just one App downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, you can connect to your network and business wherever you are.

Enhanced Features

With our Cloud based systems you will have access to sophisticated features such as:
Hunt Groups (aka Line Hunting), the method of distributing multiple calls from one phone number to multiple call handlers.
Auto-Call Recording, this can be switched on or off as you desire with recordings being stored on your computer. You can also record at the press of a button.
Conferencing, think of this as a room where you can meet multiple people at once. You can meet as many for as long as you want, even if they are on a traditional phone line themselves.
Call Monitoring, also known as Quality Monitoring, is a set of features that can analyse, test and rate the quality of your calls to your network.
CRM Integration. Customer Relationship Management refers to a set of practices, technologies and methods to manage the relationships and interactions with your customers. These can generate valuable data your business can analyse and use to help improve how your business builds relationships with your customers.
Caller Display Name. Allows you to see the name and number of the person calling you, so you can answer with "Hello Mr XXX".

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