Expensive Overseas Calls

Traditional phone lines can prove expensive when calling overseas but with our Cloud based system overseas calls can be extremely low, for example a call to a Canadian landline will be as low as 1 pence per minute.

More Lines, More Expenses

Fed up with expensive multiple line fees? With our Cloud based system all you need is one internet connection.

More Equipment, More Cost

A PBX system requires significant initial investment and a cabinet of electronic equipment making the expansion of your business and/or moving to new premises both costly and time consuming. Not so with our Cloud based system.

Affecting Your Customer Experience

Is the lack of features of a traditional PBX system impacting your business? With features such as multiple site call transfer (no per minute charge), call forwarding and conference our Cloud based system can enrich your customer experience.

Basic Call Features

Traditional PBX cannot offer enhanced features such as virtual switchboards, location flexibility, call forwarding and conferencing.

Lower Recovery Options

With PBX systems there is a realistic chance you will experience system downtime where recovery will be out of your control. With our Cloud based systems you can easily work around such issues by simply plugging your phone into any other internet connection, for example your home or another office, in fact anywhere in the world! All without additional cost.

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