070 Personal Numbers

070 Personal Follow Me Numbers

Numbers prefixed with '070' are virtual numbers which can route calls through to a landline or mobile phone number of your choice without revealing your direct dial number to the caller, i.e. your 'real' mobile number.

PN2 Numbers

070 numbers are often referred to as follow me numbers or personal numbers and operate on many different ranges - at Three Key Communications we have several ranges available, but the most commonly requested range is the 070 PN2 range.

070 follow-me numbers are popular for businesses with employees who would not want their customers to have their personal numbers - typical examples are courier companies and escort agencies.

070 Personal Numbers

070 personal numbers can also incorporate IVR functionality, such as pre-set introduction messages, time of day routing or whisper messages - please view our IVR page for more information on IVR and the functionality that can be built into the service - found here.

Three Key Communications's 070 follow me numbers can be access from both the UK and abroad.

Calls to 070 follow me numbers are charged up to 51p per minute from BT landlines and providing that the numbers are being used in accordance with regulatory guidelines we may be able pay a revenue on traffic generated.

PhonepayPlus and OFCOM

Please note that the regulations surrounding 070 numbers are complex and the end user (i.e. the person answering the number) must not receive any revenue or benefit for doing so, either directly from Three Key Communications or any clients contracting with Three Key Communications.

070 personal numbers are regulated by OFCOM, but if they are misused then this responsibility may be passed to PhonepayPlus who can then impose reprimands and financial sanctions of up to £250,000 per breach - contact us or PhonepayPlus directly if you are unsure if you will breach any industry regulations.

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