Hybrid Tariff

Hybrid Premium Rate Telephone Numbers

Three Key Communications has available a tariff that charges users the full call fee by an initial drop charge (or per call billing) and then reverts back to per minute billing after 60 seconds.

This premium rate "hybrid" tariff, often known as a combination tariff is recommended if you are receiving a lot of calls that do not reach the 1 minute mark, as the service works by charging the caller a fixed fee immediately upon connection, and then bills the caller per minute after the initial 60 seconds.

For Example, if a caller is connected for 3 or 30 seconds to a £1.50 hybrid tariff, they will be charged £1.50. If the same caller stays on the line for 90 seconds, they will be charged £2.25. Or if the caller stays on the line for 2 minutes, they will be charged £3.00.

Some Sky TV clients that use this tariff with Three Key Communications have seen increases of revenue by up to 40%.

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