Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and refers to systems that many people use on a day to day basis, an IVR system is an automated setup that can react with many variables such as the time of day or a callers key press and respond accordingly with a preset function.

An example of well known IVR systems are telephone banking services and many other calls centres ("Press 1 for department A, press 2 for department B... etc" OR "Please enter your card number...").

These systems await your input and then react accordingly whether that means telling you your balance, transferring some money or routing your call to the correct department.

An IVR system can be as simple as asking the caller to press the number corresponding with the department they wish to speak to or as complex as those used by international companies such as the telephone banking systems mentioned above. Here are some sample features:

Time of Days Routing

If you only wish for your premium rate telephone number or business telephone number to be operational at certain times of day (e.g. 08:00 - 18:00) our IVR systems can be scheduled to handle calls differently outside of these hours. Callers can be played an out of hours message, they can leave a voice message which will be forwarded to an email address (voicemail to email) as an audio file or we could route the call to a separate phone number.

Alternatively the number could be setup with a log on and log off function, allowing you to be more flexible as opposed to set times.

IVR Introduction & Bussy Messages

The IVR platform can be customised to play a pre-set introduction message. This could be a professionally recorded message emailed to us during the setup process, or we can provide a non premium rate telephone number which you can call and 'log in' to update your existing message.

Other messages which can be played to callers include an 'out of hours', 'busy' or 'no answer' message.

We have a vast amount of professionally recorded audio which we can use on your IVR setup - If we dont have the recording we are usually able to have the voice recording created by the voice artist at a competitive rate - ensuring your Interactive Voice Response Service sounds professional at all times.

IVR Multiple Call Routing

Useful for companies with multiple departments, IVR call routing allows callers to hear a number of options (e.g. "Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support...") and then be routed to the department they select. Another benefit of IVR call routing is the ability to route calls to multiple numbers simultaneously or in a stepped fashion - i.e. if the primary number is not answered within 20 seconds the call is redirected to a secondary number.

IVR Burst Calling

The IVR service can be setup to 'burst' call multiple numbers at once - when the first operator answer the call all other operators phones stop ringing. This allows you to connect the caller to an operator as quick as possible.

Other similar IVR features allow certain operators to be a prioty operator, so that they receive the call first over other operators, and/or routing to operators in a round robin fashion - equally sharing the calls between operators.

IVR Whisper Message

This available feature is becoming more popular, allowing clients to use 1 landline or mobile for multiple uses, such as having the main sales number, support number and existing calls routing to the same landline. Upon answering the call, the IVR will play you, the 'operator', a short message allowing you to identify the call origin. An example message played could be "sale call", "support call" or simply "beep beep beep"./p>

Call Queuing

Call queuing allows you to take more calls than you have available phone lines or operators, which is ideal for companies with limited staff and during busy periods. Call Queuing ensures that sales are not lost because your phone lines were engaged. The Call Queuing System implemented on our IVR systems can play your customised business introduction / welcome message, as well as further on hold music or promotional messages - an excellent time to keep customers up to date with new products or sales whilst holding for an agent./p>

Call Recording

Our IVR systems are capable of recording all calls, should you require this for staff monitoring, legal records or general quality improvement. The recorded calls can be emailed to you immediately after the call has finished, or they can be uploaded onto an FTP account ready for you to access when required.

Three Key Communications has PhonepayPlus approved call recording equipment - should your service need to operate on certified equipment.

IVR Website Integration

Three Key Communications can build IVR system that will liaise with your website via an API. There is almost unlimited potential as to how this could be used, one popular example is as a payment mechanism for sites with paid content. Our IVR system can take the customers details and make a API "call" to your website telling you how long they have called for and your website can then adjust their credit accordingly. All data exchanged will be encrypted to ensure that your customer details are completely secure.

IVR Routing

The IVR services can route calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles, international destinations, or connection via SIP. SIP routing with our IVR can support multiple codecs, including the popular G7.11 codec.

Bespoke IVR Services

Should you require a service specifically tailored to your needs please let us know as our technical team have many years of experience in the premium rate telephone industry and will almost certainly be able to help.

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