Adult SMS

Adult SMS Chat

Similar to our managed adult chat telephone services, Three Key Communications's adult SMS services allow you to operate a text chat service with your own operators, or as a fully managed product using operators supplied by a third party bureau.

SMS Chat with Own Operators

The SMS platfom allows SMS chat services to be setup quickly and operate with ease. The platform has many features to increase your SMS revenues and remain compliant, these include:

  1. Viewing online stats quickly and easily
  2. Operator overview stats
  3. Messages are displayed in a pool awaiting response
  4. Sending billed chat messages
  5. Sending Free enticement messages
  6. Banning of abusive text users
  7. Viewing chat history quickly and easily
  8. Adding and removing operators
  9. Email and text alerts when users text into the SMS platform
  10. General admin management task
  11. Setup on either Dedicated or Shared SMS codes
  12. Age verification is handled by the SMS System

Managed SMS Chat

All of the operators are fully trained and with staff providing 24/7 cover, 365 days a year so you can be confident that your managed adult SMS chat service is operating around the clock whilst being fully compliant with all legal requirements and PhonepayPlus regulations.

Three Key Communications outsources the management of the chat operators to a third party bureau provider. The bureau provider recruits, retains, manages and monitors the operators and service to ensure the service operates to a very high standard and remains fully compliant.

To start interacting with the operators the user simply needs to text the keyword to a 5 digit shortcode (i.e. text "Jenny" to 89123). With so many adults in the UK owning a mobile phone our SMS services appeal to the market as a discreet way to have some adult fun, and as such our services see a large volume of repeat business.

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