Support Lines

Customer Support Phone Lines

With tariffs ranging from £0.05 to £1.50 per minute, having a premium rate customer support phone number can be an excellent revenue stream for both small and large businesses alike.

Whether you are an international company looking to integrate a premium rate telephone number alongside your current call centre solution or a small business looking to provide professional advice to customers on your area of expertise Three Key Communications can help. Here are some of the features our services offer:

Support Lines Features

  • VOIP - Fully compatible with VOIP telephony
  • SIP- Calls can be connected to your SIP address
  • Routing- Routing to multiple numbers if required, in either a simultaneous or stepped setup
  • Whisper messages - Customisable 'whisper' messages - a short sound file played to the operator upon answering the call - useful for advising you of the calls origin, or for companies which route multiple calls to the same number
  • Intro and Busy messages - Customisable 'intro' and 'busy' messages - played to the caller upon connection or if nobody answers the premium rate number
  • Voicemail - Voicemail service when busy - the recordings are forwarded to an email address of your choice (Voicemail to email)
  • Call Recording - Allowing of calls to be recorded and emailed for monitoring and training
  • Out of hours - Out of hours service - Your line can be set to only route calls through to you at certain times (e.g. 09:00-17:00) outside of these hours all calls will be played an out of hours message and diverted to voicemail to email if necessary

We can offer many more features, please see our page on IVR solutions for some information about bespoke premium rate services.

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