Tipster Services

SMS Tipster Services

Three Key Communications can provide the SMS platform to allow you to operate your own tipster services with your own content (tips) using PSMS (premium rate text) to suit your business needs.

sPSMS (text messaging) tipster services are often very popular for our customers and compliment our Premium Rate Telephone Tipster Services very well. With the vast majority of adults owning a mobile phone, hosting an SMS tipster service is an easy and affordable way for the public to receive good quality betting tips. These services work well for both occasional and regular gamblers and often receive a large volume of repeat business due to users being subscribed to the service.

SMS Platforms

Should you wish to provide your own tips via PSMS (Premium Rate text Message) we will be able to provide you with an online SMS platform that allows you to log in and send your tip to every customer that has opted in to your distribution list. Each customer will be reverse-billed for every message received and it is easy for them to opt in and out of the service when they require.

Alternatively, to allow users to further control their spending and when they receive your SMS tips, the SMS tipster service can be setup as a SMS Responder service, whereby you login to the SMS platform and set your tip for the next race. A user then sends in your keyword to either a dedicated or shared code (such as TIPS to 12345), and receives back the billed SMS message containing your betting tip.

SMS Regulations

PSMS services are regulated by PhonepayPlus. The premium rate SMS services provided by Three Key Communications are by defualt set to comply with the PhonepayPlus regulations. The SMS platform can also accomodate services that have prior permission, such as those services with permission to exceed the £4.50 per 7 day spend limit.

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